Royal Gorge Bridge


The Royal Gorge Bridge is the home to America's highest suspension bridge and zipline. With 360 degrees of adrenaline-packed rides and amazing views of Colorado's natural wonders you won't want to miss what the bridge has to offer. The bridge also has aerial gondolas that glide 2,200 feet across the gorge at about 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River. The sky coaster has been named the world's scariest sky coaster. Only one to three people are harnessed during each ride. Other fun activities at the bridge include the plaza theater, that documents local history, Tommy Knocker Playland a great place to visit with children, the visitors center, or the water clock. All the activities are fun for the whole family.

Although no personal vehicles are allowed on the bridge at any time there are pre-scheduled car club groups of 20 or more. There is also plenty of free parking available at the park with two large paved lots located on the north side of the bridge.

Pricing of the park depends on age general adult admission ages 13+ are $23, child admission, ages 6-12 are $18 and children 5 years old and younger are free. The bridge is open from 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Sunday.

The Royal Gorge has seen many visitors over the years, Over a million years ago dinosaurs roamed the region. Paleontologists have made fossil discoveries of these amazing ancient species. After the dinosaurs die out Native American Indians arrived, and hunted and camped throughout. When you visit the park you are following the footsteps of the prehistoric dinosaurs.

The Royal George wasn't always the peaceful area it is today. Back in 1877, a war broke out over who rights the silver deposits along the Arkansas River belong to you. Months of both dynamiting each other's construction and exchanging bullets passed. After a six month battle in the courts the Rio Grande came out the winner.