Photo Tour Before & After Progress Photos
We are still working on the Photos & Story.
ee before photos below

Black Bear RV Park  here on what we call  "Paradise Hill" 
has come a long, long, long ways in a short time!
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RV Park and Motel Room Photos.)

Black Bear in Dec 2018 was nothing but what these photos show.
" I can't believe I/we did It" I appreciate all of the little helpers that were sent my way!
I could not of done it without you!!! I arrived here from Austin, Texas ( high heels and skirts)
and I truly never thought that I could even accomplish this nor did I ever think that Black Bear would evolve as it has.

Thanks to you all . All of you that took the time and care to move a single rock and finding it a new place to enhance the beauty of this tiny step at a tiny step at a time, assisted in repairing & painting a broken down picnic tables, helping trench broken water lines, teaching me all the many things that I didn't know ( How to use a Screw Gun, Catching me as I fell off ladders, from Reading a tape measure, Via cell phone Fixing Plumbing, Repair Broken Sewer lines, Use of a Skill Saw without cutting its cord off LOL!  All the minor/major repairs, Catching me when I was falling off of ladders, wiping my tears as I cried, lifting my spirits up when I saw it as too much to handle, believing in me and complete gratitude to all those that stepped up from their heart & donated their time, taught me skills, advice, or donated a few needed materials to get things going, those that helped me when I got injured doing things that I didn't know how to really do... and so so much more!
My abundance of gratitude goes out to you!
Thanks to my first Season year in & the guests that couldn't do much but complain, be rude, seemed disappointed, wrote terrible reviews, put Black Bear down and had me in tears of not being able to share my vision with them as they could not see past the present moment of this place or vision a determined person with a vivid vision. However, great thanks to the many, many tolerant,  & appreciative & supportive guests & friends that put me & Black Bear where we are today!
As well as to those that continue to come! All my Love to you all!

Black Bear is Dog Friendly and has a Dog Park just for your Pet!