Black Bear Park Rules 

Our aim is to be as Eco-Friendly as possible!
We appreciate your help and willingness to participate.
For Full Scoop of : Policies/Rules/Agreement Click Here 

Check-In and Check-Out:

Text Us 1-2 hours before you arrive so we can have everything ready Please!
Motel Rooms require a Door Code for entry. Text us please!
If we do not get a pre-arrival text than we cannot guarantee
you entry into your Room or RV site.


RV SITES: Check In 1pm   Check Out: 11 am- NOON

  Rooms: Check-In: 2:00 PM   Check Out: 11:00 AM
Unless Special arrangements have been Made!

Early Check in is available upon request! $25 fee for early or late arrivals ( after 6pm)
Please inform us if you will arrive late ( After Dark)

  If you need to make special arrangements just simply check with us and we will be glad to accommodate you!

All Reservations require a deposit down.
and during peak season payment in full is required.

We will Take Checks . Via instant mobile deposit!

( Scroll to near Bottom for Room Rules)

Enter Our Park Slowly and at the Main Entrance!
Stop at the STOP SIGN please!
Check the RV Park map to see the easiest of 3 Entrances to use to navigate to your site!
We must receive a prior to arrival text please!
Caution:  5 mph speed limit please!


1. Check in via text or at the Office upon Arrival.
Please send me a text 1-2 hours prior to arriving so that we can ensure your site is ready!

2. Arrivals after 6pm must have made arrangements and a late arrival check in fee of $25 will be applied!

3. Dogs with permission only!
NO Aggressive breed dogs please.
 *Only 2 pets per reservation ( per RV Site) allowed
* Pets must be on a leash at all Times unless you are in the Dog Park!
Pet Deposit is required for Motel Rooms
Pet fee is $ 5.00 a night for Motel Rooms and RV Sites not to exceed $20.00
Pet Cleaning Fee for Rooms is $40.00 
Scoop your Pets POOP! Please! $25.00 Charge for us to scoop it!

4. No Washing Cars or RV's on premises
No oil Changes, Mechanics, or RV repairs or remodels allowed on premises 

5. No Trash left outside of RV or Room or on top of Dumpster
due to wildlife in the area!
Try to participate in Recycling  please!
Lets all be as ECO friendly as possible!

*** Please ask for assistance parking your RV into the sites:
We will gladly help.
Damage to our utilities, sewer  connections & water supply will be charged to your account if
ran over or destroyed. please ask for assistance.

6. Please have a tight and adequate sewer connection on your RV and RV Site please!
Other wise there could be an odor
DO NOT FLUSH anything besides bio-degradable toilet paper down the sewer please
Our septic system is sensitive and cannot handle it!
$125.00 Charge for septic and sewer line blockages

7. Quiet Time is from 10pm to 7 am

8. Camp Fires:
Not allowed outside of a fire ring or designated fire pit!
Call   719-942-4833 the Volunteer Fire Department to get the OK on a fire
DO NOT Dump fire debris or ashes just anywhere onto the property
after they have cooled down completely please scoop and dispose of them down
at the Dumpster area. Look for the Blue Containers or a barrel.

Out Door Grill  BBQ Pits Use:
Grills are here for your use! Please line them with foil or clean them up after use!
Out Door Ice Chest Use:
Keep them closed and secure or  locked.
Storing food inside of them and leaving them outside could attract wildlife.
Please empty and drain the water out after use please!

9. One RV and One Vehicle to a site
we have plenty of extra  parking  available 

RV Sites must be kept clean and free of debris, trash and other. 
Extended Stays: Check with the office on what you can and can't have at your RV Site.
Extended stayers are responsible for weed pulling or weed eating their own RV Site
as we can not be responsible for damages to vehicles, items, electrical cords or RV's that weed eating could cause.

10. No Smoking Tobacco inside of any building
and If you smoke PLEASE DO NOT throw butts on the premises! Use a Can or Stub Out and dispose into trash cans.
$25.00 fee for picking up cig butts!
Please Do Not throw trash of any sort onto the property !
trash pick up fine is $25.00

11. Absolutely No personal mail is to be delivered here. You can get a PO Box please!
( All personal mail will be returned to sender)
We have a UPS/Fed-Ex station for packages to be delivered to you.

12. All minors to be supervised by Adults.
Be mindful of after dark hours with the children.
Supervision is required especially after dark.

13. Dumpster use: 

Recycle Cans and plastic if possible! We Care about the environment!
The Dumpster is the largest that they have and is to small for anything extra and is for household trash only!!! 
Dumpster pick up days are on Wednesdays. Please do not  try and fill up dumpster on Tuesdays or stack trash on top of or outside of the dumpster.
It is a complete luxury to have trash service in our area.
No furniture, appliances, car parts, NOTHING other than Household Trash only!
Break down any and all Boxes and Card Board to minimize the space for our Dumpster please!

14. Have fun but NO getting rowdy, cursing, fighting, yelling, Overly Loud Music, No Violence or Vulgarity, Public Drunkenness, disrespecting others or the staff or owners please.

No Fire Arms, 
We have the right to refuse immediate service to anyone who may be disrespecting or disturbing other guests or our Facility! Or to those that refuse to follow the guidelines and rules. sorry.

15. NO Fireworks please we are in a dry climate!

16. All RV Sites must be left in a reasonable clean manner. $75.00 fee for extra clean up!
$125 minimum fee for damage to our sewer lines, electrical or park signs due to running them over.

17. Please DO Not get into the water hook-up boxes.
Leave the Parks water hoses at the site it is on,  when you arrived!

18. Heated water Hoses required during the winter months ( Oct- April)
You must provide your own heated hose to connect to the Parks water during these months!

AT&T is the best cell service
Cell phone service can be spotty at best in the Valley and at most campgrounds in the area. There is typically a good AT&T signal here at our park. In case of emergencies, there is an office land line available. Please do not hesitate to use it if necessary. Note that Wi-Fi calling and texting works well on our wireless network.

Guests at the park use the Park at their own risk and agree to not hold the Park liable for any injuries, accidents or theft that could but probably wont occur! Black bear and its owners are not responsible for damages, injury, of pets, persons or property.
By reading our Rules and upon making a reservation you are automatically agreeing to the rules and regulations at Black Bear RV Park.
Releasing Black Bear RV Resort and Park as well as its owners and management from any and all liability!

Management reserves the right to immediately  evict or refuse service for the rest of your stay at the park with out any refund if you violate the rules or disrespect the property or guests in any way!


  Inventory: All Boutique House Motel Rooms are started out with a complete Inventory List. ( Linens, Bedding, Pillows, Towels, TV, Appliances, and Wall Hangings and Decor etc. ) to ensure that each house guest leaves the house room as it was when they arrived, fully accommodatable and ready for the next guest. We have never had an issue with theft before and we are grateful and thankful for that. However, every Guest must have an active Credit Card on file or pay a Refundable Deposit to ensure that all inventory remains in our adorable rooms. JUST A REMINDER.....BRING YOUR FAVORITE PILLOW! And Favorite Organic Bath Essentials!
we provide travel size Eco-friendly shampoo and Conditioner.
we are not responsible for allergy break outs from use of our motel products that we supply!

  Our Cabin House Rooms are set up in that it provides our Guests with a Rustic closest to home-away from home experience! We provide coffee and condiments for your coffee and a starter supply of Hotel size bath essentials. friendly please. Please help conserve on Electricity and TURN OFF all Lights, Heaters, Fans or Air Conditioning when you leave your room for long periods of time. 2. Please be kind to our Septic System As we are on a Septic System that is sensitive to feminine products and toilet paper wads. We use a dissolving biodegradable toilet paper product to ensure the life span of our Septic. $125.00 Charge for clogs caused by products other than toilet paper!  3. Please no paper towels or food to be flushed down the toilets please! 4. Room Cleaning and Clean Sheets: Most of our Guests prefer us to not enter their room unless they request cleaning, Clean Lines, exchanging of Towels or etc. We honor your privacy and are not offended if you want to be left alone during your stay. If you need something just  text 719-207-5194 or ask and we will be happy to drop it off at your door step or into the basket at the room door! We will only Clean your room or enter it and or provide Clean Linens upon your request! Maid service is an additional fee.
5. Linens: Towels:   Each room is limited to 4 Towels, 4 hand Towels and  at any given time. Due to the cost of Inventory we are limited on the number of them that we can provide at a given time. However, just ask us for more as you need them and we can gather up your dirties and provide fresh Clean ones in exchange. Place all used Linens and Towels in the Basket Provided please! PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WHITE TOWELS TO SOAK UP STAINS OR SPILLS. $15.00 Charge for  per ruined/Stained Towels!
WE PROVIDE OTHER Dark Colored TOWELS JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE! 6. WI-FI Internet : Is available and a password is required, We must conserve on our bandwidth and be courteous of other guests. Remember you are in the Mountains and Valley and we can only provide what is available as we are not yet as Technologically advanced as the cities. NO STREAMING PLEASE. checking E-mails, surfing the net and other simple things are allowed. 7. Trash : Lets all be Eco friendly and try to conserve on the trash and waste of containers please! Please NO GLASS CONTAINERS! Glass is to hard to Dispose of and breaks easily. Plastic is acceptable. Please rinse out any can food or Tin cans and dispose of in our recycle bin. Crush down plastic bottles after emptying them of their contents. It helps to cut down and make room for more! If you have Trash that needs to go to the Dumpster simply please dispose of it in the Dumpster or set it outside of your door and we will collect it up. We recycle plastic grocery bags to line our bathroom waste baskets with. If you like you may leave any that you may not use in your room or at the office. 8. Feel Free To Roam: When you stay with us you have complete access to our entire 8 acre mini rustic resort. See Campground rules for a walk in the creek. OUR PLACE IS YOUR PLACE! 9. Laundry Use: At this time the Laundry Room area is only for the Hosts/ Employees to use from 10 am -3pm.  Guest use hours are from 3pm- 10 pm 

  CELL PHONE SERVICE Cell phone service can be spotty at best in the Valley and at most campgrounds in the area. There is typically a good AT&T signal here at our park. In case of emergencies, there is an office land line available. Please do not hesitate to use it if necessary. Note that Wi-Fi calling and texting works well on our wireless network. 11. Use of the Common Outdoor area: This is a shared area and all guests are Welcome to use it. 12. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: Because we are Pet and Children Friendly! We use this Eco Friendly Killer to rid off insects and Spiders. Please let us know if you notice any insects in the room. we treat the resort regular basis but sometimes just being out in a country setting makes it difficult to kill them all.

EXTENDED STAYS: Please check with Office on an Extended stay lease!

We hope that you ENJOY your stay with US and by all means make yourself at HOME! Our place is your place! We are laid-back, friendly and hospitable ensuring you and yours are feeling at Home! Cancellations: Effective February 2nd 2019
All Reservations must give a 7 day prior to arrival Cancellation Notice
there is a $25.00 to $50 cancellation fee and a 6% reversal processing fee that the processing company charges based upon the amount of the entire Total of the Bill!

Reservations cancelled with in 48 to 72 hours of the date you made the reservation will incur the loss of the entire deposit.
$25.00 Cancel fee and a 6% Refund and processing fees incurred will be deducted!

Refunds: During Peak Season ( March-Sept) Refunds will be granted only if we are able to promptly fill your slot with another reservation.
Reservation Balance is due upon arrival and to be paid in full upon check-in