About Us:
Come stay with us!


Black Bear sits in perfect space of 360 degree
Mountain Views!


What We Did!

We put in the work to renovate & make
" Black Bear RV Park/Motel" 
 your preferred place.

It is and has been a "work in progress"  and has by far amazingly by passed the expectations of everyone.  We have definitely come a long ways.in a short time.

We appreciate the guests and  those that contributed by playing a part in our guest bookings in 2019/2020 in  that our
 growth was fast and successful.

We took the " Almost forgotten diamond in the rough property"  over in January of 2019. Against all odds and the long winters that hindered a quicker result in progress, We worked quite hard , fast and diligently in the 2 summer seasons of 2019 & 2020 (while still operating to apply all back into Black Bear to recreate, remodel and renovate. 
Again this  "almost forgotten diamond in the rough vacation spot."

Our place now though not perfect but certainly a marvel now and with its Charm and far from its starting point of resembling abandonment. 
Now offers a meaningful, unique, peaceful, relaxed rustic little retreat for all who love what we love!
Nature, Next to Natural, Quaintness, 
Peace, Relaxation, Beautiful Views and a sense of Simplicity.

Enjoy the best of "Colorado"  in our simple, quiet, peaceful setting at the Black Bear RV Park. We are Located in the Arkansas River Valley quite a spectacular, scenic beautiful Howard Colorado experience.

Right off "Scenic Highway 50" along the "Roaring Arkansas River" in the "Heart of the Rockies."

 Just minutes away from hiking, fishing, hunting, white water rafting, horseback riding, snow skiing, zip-lining, Just 12 miles to Downtown historic Salida CO.
45 minutes to The Royal Gorge.
15 minutes from Salida Aquatic Center.
30 minutes to various Hot Springs. 

Black Bear has everything you and your family could desire in a self-serve vacation getaway.

Again, we are a small quaint ' lil' rustic place right on Hwy 50 across from the Arkansas River in Howard Colorado.

To clarify :Black Bear is NOT located directly on the Arkansas River.
For many it is a perfect option for those that prefer to escape the mosquito issues that are common on the river.
However, There are plenty of nearby  public access points to the river in that you may frequently indulge yourself in the entertainment of.

"Black Bear"
named after the meaning and symbolism of  "Bear" 
In moments of weakness, the bear symbolism is what you need to raise you back up and give you courage to proceed and move forward despite of all obstacles.

'Bear" Meaning: 
 Strength, Vitality, Courage, Health, Healing, Adversity, Stand, Respected, Thoughtfulness, Power, Leadership, Independent, Guidance, Nurturing, Protective, Enlightenment and Awakening the Consciousness

Ownership and progress driven by motivation, desire, strength, dreams and inspiration to create
" a comfortably homey informal little inn and RV Park"

We offer and service a Relaxed, Peaceful, NON-Disturbance, Drug-Free Clientele & environment for like minded collectives.

We offer a Meditation Area for those that participate in Focused, Mantra, Spiritual, Transcendental or Mindfulness as a way of focused life through meditation.

We offer a few modern-day amenities. See our Amenities page.
We have on-site security cameras, are pet & children friendly. Eco-friendly.

On the property, you will find a dog park, great for letting the pets enjoy some freedom and playtime.

Black Bear RV Park/Retreat  includes 19 RV sites with 30 & 50 amp hookups, large truck and large RV parking and acres of space for primitive tent camping.

We offer to rent out the entire Resort. It is a great option for families and groups that want privacy and the feeling of being in your own home and on your own land!
A full resort rental includes all five rooms with accommodations for up to seventeen people for room occupancy and is ideal for families or groups of friends.

We will work with you to tailor services to suit the needs of your group. Just like home, only better!